Spec Proposal: Teladi "Saker Sentinel" M7

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Spec Proposal: Teladi "Saker Sentinel" M7

Postby Hieronymos » Thu Nov 12, 2009 10:03 pm

Teladi “Saker Sentinel ” M7 Class Armored Frigate: a “Radical Departure” M7/M2 Hybrid; a Defensive brawler.
Price: MCr. 32.9384 (110% of Shrike’s MCr. 29.944 )
Speed: 62.7m/s—92.4m/s (below Shrike/Tern’s 96m/s)
Steering: 2.1---3.9rpm (over Shrike/Tern’s 2.4rpm)
Acceleration: 20% less than Shrike’s…
Hull: 320k (almost double Shrike/Tern’s; 66% of Condor’s; below Gannet’s 420k)
Shields: 8
ShieldType: 1Gj [=8Gj total; double Shrike/Tern’s]
Shield Generator: 5,800MW (Shrike/Tern’s)
Hardpoints: 6: Front/Back, L/R/U/D.
Weapons: 32:
Front 8x: D_TELADI_M7_MEDIUM: IRE,PAC,HEPT,CIG,MD,PRG,EBC,PBG,ISR,PALC*. (two quad turrets under her forward chin)
L/R/Up/Down 4x: D_TELADI_M7_HVY: CIG,FAA,PPC,IonPG,IonC,GC,IBL,PALC*,TrBLC*. (big quad turrets. L/R should probably be closer to her bow, with overlapping firing arcs to allow better tracking bow-wards. Same should probably be true of her U/D as well. With most of her big turrets closer to bow, this will make her stern more vulnerable).
Back 8x: D_TELADI_M7_LITE: IRE,PAC,MD,PRG,EBC,PBG. (two lite quad turrets on her big assed stern)
Laser Charge: 49,000 (Shrike’s)
Laser Recharge: 979 (Shrike’s)
Cargo: 9,000 XL (just over Shrike’s 7k)
Hangar: 4 External (avg.)
Marines: 20
Missles: Wasp,Silkworm, Thunderbolt, Hornet,Hurricane, Typhoon, Hammer H.Torp,Firestorm Torp.,Wildfire,Beluga.

Description: “The superb new Teladi Saker Sentinel Armored Frigate has half the firepower and three-quarters the shielding of a Phoenix class cruiser—at less than half the price. Utilizing the new ultra-light organo-ceramic armor, the Saker Sentinel has almost double the hull integrity of the older Shrike and Tern Frigates, as well as possessing twice their effective shield strength. The logic behind the design is that two Sakers—“Wild Hawks”--have the same firepower as a Phoenix—but have much greater overall survivability. The catch is that a Saker Sentinel must use ammo-based Gauss Cannons in her main turrets to stay competitive with the Phoenix, as she is fitted with the same somewhat weak weapons generator system as her sisters Tern and Shrike. Armed with Gauss Cannons the Saker is theoretically capable of outfighting and outlasting any other M7 in the galaxy in a one-to-one duel. But if swarmed with fighters, her powerplant will not be able to keep energy-hungry Flak cannons effectively powered. Most of Saker’s offensive power is concentrated in four heavy turrets: up, down, port, and starboard. Four quad “light flak” turrets on her bow and stern, armed with Phased Repeater Guns provide additional defense against fighters. A powerful and solid brawler, the Saker Sentinel Armored Frigate sets the new galactic standard for frigate survivability.”

Comments: If she tries to use energy weapons in all hardpoints, she will have serious energy management problems. If she mostly uses GC’s in her big turrets, she’ll be fine. She’s roomy, but carries only 4 fighters externally.
Unless her L/R/U/D turrets can track well bow-wards, she won’t do well in 1-to-1 duels with M7’s like Naga.
Please note 3 new custom turret designations.

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