Spec Proposal for (New) Boron Poseidon TL

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Spec Proposal for (New) Boron Poseidon TL

Postby Hieronymos » Mon Oct 26, 2009 5:18 pm

Boron “Poseidon” TL Class Heavy Transporter: a “radical departure” TL/M7(M) Hybrid
Price: MCr. 43.5708 (225% of Orca’s )
Speed: 80.2m/s—111.4m/s ('bout same as Orca’s 110m/s)
Steering: 0.6---1.1rpm (double Orca’s 0.5)
Acceleration: make it sl. better than Orcas’
Hull: 220k (midway between Orca TL 135k and Shark M1 360k)
Shields: 3
ShieldType: 1Gj [=3Gj total; 3x Orcas’ 1Gj; = Threshers’ 3Gj]
Shield Generator: 4,950MW (over O’s 3.8k; below T’s 5.9k)
Hardpoints: 7: Main, Front, L/R/B, U/D
Laser Charge: 46,800 (below T’s 50.5kk)
Laser Recharge: 490 (about double Elephant’s 273)
Cargo: 48,000ST (just under O’s 50k)
Hangar: 8 (just below O’s 10)
Marines: 20
Missles: Mosquito,Wasp,Dragonfly,Disruptor,Firefly,Silkworm, Thunderbolt, Hornet,Hurricane, Typhoon, Wildfire, Beluga, Hammer H.Torp,Tomahawk,Flail Barrage Missle, Firestorm Torp.

Description: “Split rear-area raids in the last Galactic War succeeded in destroying the bulk of the Boron army as it travelled by convoy to retake the Boron Rim Worlds recently lost to the Split. For the rest of the war, the Boron could control the airspace of their lost Rim worlds, but lacked the troops to recapture them. After the war, The Boron Strategic Policy Institute recommended and designed a heavy transport that—in numbers--could hold their own against Split convoy raiders, and ensure the survival of Boron supply and troop convoys. The Boron Poseidon Heavy Transport uses cutting edge technology to produce a TL vastly superior to the older Orca. Poseidon is better shielded, and uses the tough new organo-ceramic armoring. Poseidon’s mix of heavy and light turrets enables her to mount a mix of Gauss Cannons, Flak Cannons, and short range anti-fighter weapons like Mass Drivers, giving her the capability to destroy multiple threat types. And having access to ammo-based weaponry like GC’s and MD’s means that Poseidon class vessels will not be crippled by shortages of weapons energy in firefights. Unlike any other TL class vessel in the galaxy, Poseidon carries the sophisticated targeting equipment necessary to use the Flail Barrage Missle and Firestorm Torpedo, giving her incredible long-range missle capabilities. An almost perfect TL, Poseidons’ only drawback is her high pricetag.”

Comments: If mounted with GC’s at Main & L/R/Back, and MD/EBC at Front, U/D can use FAA’s and fire indefinitely…If carrying a decent number of Flails, an ai-controlled Poseidon will be an awesome challenge..
Proposal assumes creating turrets for model as indicated.

Done: Complete as per above specs.

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