Boron Poseidon as a Utility Drone Mothership

The DDTC ships in the Boron fleet

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Boron Poseidon as a Utility Drone Mothership

Postby Hieronymos » Sat May 02, 2009 12:40 am

Poseidon would perhaps be an ideal platform for a dedicated Utility Drone Mothership..a large, mobile drone manufacturing/repair/operations platform. She would be both a mining HQ ship as well as a static defense construction base.

Her proposed drone capabilities:
Mining: either tunnel into unbroken 'roids (low production volume), or mine 'roid fragments (high prod'n volume)
Geology: scan all 'roids in sector

Collection: collect dropped wares
Repair: repair damaged ships

Construction: build OWP's of all 3 sizes.
Minelayer: SQUASH, Tracker, Ion minefield deployment & clearing
Spy: AdvNavSat deployment

..It just occurred that some of these functions could be considered to overlap. Construction & Repair for example, could both use repair laser + other nanotools to both repair and build..and could be essentially the same 'roid with 2 sets of software.
Collection and Minelayer could also be same both functions require grabbing and moving objects from point A to B.

EDIT: just posted on Pelador's ES DAD thread opening discussion on using a relatively few number of drone chassis as bases for multiple drone types.

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